Mosaic Monday

A bit of inspiration for you from my flickr favorites....  Visit the links below to see the original artists' works.

1. happy, 2. wheniwaslittle_WM, 3. Faster, 4. rain or shine, 5. there is a light in this house / it originates from your hands and my arms, 6. Mail Art Envelope, 7. Beautifying my community ♥, 8. Untitled, 9. Jan. theme


Anonymous said...

Really like your choices here, and your journal pages in the making, haven't visited for a while, now your on my roll so I can see you all the time! xox Corrine

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks! Cool! Glad you stopped by. I saw someone else doing a Mosaic Monday and it was really cool to see all the artwork she picks.

Terrie said...

I've followed you for a little while now and always look forward to your mosaic's interesting to see what caught your eye during the week.