Buried in Bricks

My husband has hobbies too!  He is really into building Legos now and he even started his own lego blog.  I think the title of his blog is cute and I love the picture he put on his heading.  Let me tell you, between my art related and scrapbooking hobbies and his Lego/Magic/comic book collections, we have no shortage of STUFF around here!  Anyways... there are no official Lego stores in Madison where we live, but one JUST opened an hour away from us in Wauwatosa, WI.  Andrew just started becoming involved with the local Lego group here.  (They're called LUGS-- Lego user groups)  Have you been to a Lego store before?  You know how they have all those floor models set up around the store?  Well, they usually send those to the LUGS for them to build.  Andrew spent a whole day in Kenosha with the Lego group there building all the sets for the store.  They had some really cool set ups.  So, when the store opened last week, we went out and visited the store.  Also, the people that volunteer to build the sets got discounts, so that made Andrew really happy as he was able to pick up some items he wanted for less money.

These are the feet that Andrew made!

I think this one was my favorite!

Here is Andrew and my little girl Daria.  I think Daria was more interested in her Hello Kitty book than anything else.


Anonymous said...

Are those toes yours? Cute feet. Lego rocks, we still have legs although the grandkids play with them now, I will never get rid of them I had as much fun playing with them as my son, now for some crossover art Marcia, lego journals? LOL His blog is swell. xox

Michelle Gregory said...

i'm always amazed at what they can create.

Marcia Beckett said...

I know, there are some really cool things at the big Legoland store in Chicago too. I'm trying to figure out how I can use Legos in art! Lego journals... hmm. how would that work?