5 Fabulous Things I am Loving Now

1.  Suralert's Quirky Illustrations and Collages

2.  The Honest Toddler:  What your little child is actually thinking!

3.  Tamar Cohen's Fun Collages.... a love of polka dots and comic strips.

4.  Bic Pens...  for HER!

Really?   Really?  One of the teachers at my school had a pack and gave one to me.  The kids got a big laugh out of it.   (So, I guess this isn't a "fabulous" thing, but a humorous thing!)

5.  Trader Joe's Dried Fruit Bars... yum!  low calorie, 100% dried fruit.  Love them!


Unknown said...

Your links were worth a look, thanks. I have to say I loved the toddler very funny and brought back some memories from when mine were little ;0)

Unknown said...

What is it about something having "For Her" added to it that makes me think of tampons? Bic in general makes great pens, I talked my daughter into a pack of them the other day.

Cameron said...

I just bought the Bic equivalent of Sharpies....haven't tried them out yet, but the price sure was better :)

Loving the look of your blog! Makes me feel excited to go and create!