Pages in Progress

 Altered Photograph with Watercolor Lines

This page is from my current journal which I bound together with a new binding tool I got.  I bound in some random ephemera... photographs, postcards, etc.  This was an old photograph that I scratched up and inked with yellow color.  I had altered the photo a long time ago and had found it in my "stash" while looking for things to add to my journal.


Andria said...

Great pages, Marcia! Thanks for the journal peek.

Unknown said...

love the variety in these pages and, as always, your light touch and bright colors.

Jill Zaheer said...

Hi Maricia,
So glad to find you and your blog from Seth's post and so glad to share the page with you! Just love your altered photograph here in your post- how funny that I too on my latest post have a roadway! Coincidences never stop! Your journal pages display lots of energy and color which I love!