Art Journaling Exposed 2

I am very honored to share with you that I have an article in the Art Journaling Exposed 2 downloadable E-magazine from Cloth Paper Scissors.  I browsed through the issue last night and it has a lot of interesting articles and videos.  My article is titled "13 Great Layers for Art Journal Pages"

These are some of the pages in the article.

Art is Basic website
My Art
Etsy Shop


SAMARA said...

hello hello! your art is so fresh and alive! i was told you have a place to link our art. if this is indeed true, i am lost and can't find it...but am loving seeing yours in the meantime!!!! {heart} can you help me out? lovies, samara

SAMARA said...

Marcia Beckett said...

Hi Samara, I used to do an art journal link-up but discontinued it. I have an art group at which you should visit and join in!