Polyvore Collages



Collage2 by marciadotcom 

I stumbled upon this fun website, Polyvore, where you can easily make a digital collage for inspiration.  A lot of people like to make mood boards or design boards for their homes.  I would use this to create inspiration boards for colors, fonts, marks and symbols and patterns I would like to use in my artwork.  

The site looks like it was made for compiling home and fashion products.  What do you think?  Have you heard of this website before?


Marit said...

You know I'm not much of a 'digital art' girl, but I do love these collages!!! So colorful Marcia, and so YOU! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

YES! I have used Polyvore for years. I used to be really into the community aspect of it, running and entering contests, etc. Now I use it mostly for my collage and art journal projects. It is a wonderful tool for art, composition and mood boards. Love your Poly collages! :) Gwyn