New Art Journal Page with LOTS of Materials!

This has been an ongoing process since last school year!  I put some things down originally, did not like how the layout was coming together, so I returned to the page and added more.  Then, I toned down the craziness with some white paint.

Some of the materials I used were:
  • photocopies of old artwork
  • scrapbook paper
  • paper towels with Metallic watercolor paints
  • a scrap with a written phrase on it that I found on the ground in my classroom... isn't that beautiful?
  • decorative tape
  • collage imagery
  • a sticker
  • gelli printed papers
Below is a picture of how the page looks with my art journal spread open.

Here are some close up views:

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trisha too said...

Lots of materials and lots of fun, Marcia!


Anonymous said...

So yummy your collages. xox

Unknown said...

oooh! this is such a great idea to post sneak peeks into your art journal! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing... :)

Tracy said...

I love those spotty cutouts with the blue smudged shadows. They add great depth to the page.

Unknown said...

I love what you are doing here!! Love it!!!

Nancy B said...

I love all the fun and creativity!