Ink and flowers

Hi!  You might have wondered about my lack of posts lately.. I went on medical leave from work a couple of weeks ago.  My pregnancy is complicated and I could not work anymore.  The baby is healthy, but physically I need to lay down as much as possible and it is really hard to sit or stand without a lot of pain.  I have only about 3-4 weeks left to go and I'm ready!  I haven’t felt much like doing anything except sleeping and mindless activity, so I haven’t kept up on blogging. 

Image via Buntis

You know how people say art heals and art journaling is what they do when they don't feel well or whatever?  Well, that is not true with me!  It takes a lot of effort to do anything when I'm not feeling well and I feel like doing anything substantial is overwhelming.

This page is from several weeks ago.

I have some good art-related news though!  I LOVE Stephanie Corfee's artwork and splurged on an online course she was offering.  It's open all year so I will be able to catch up on it after the baby is born and throughout the school year.  I needed something to cheer me up after feeling horrible so much!

So, then, after deciding to sign up for Stephanie's class, I received notice that I had won a giveaway on Alisa Burke's blog for a SEASON PASS to her online art classes for the Spring/Summer.  It pays to subscribe to lots of blogs!  These also are open for a year after the launch date so I will have plenty of time to work through them..

So, yay!  I'm looking forward to watching their videos to get some creative ideas.  

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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear you are pn forced rest, but glad baby is okay....wonderful to wn a class as well. books on tape? That might Help...xox

Kimberly Robello said...

Very nice! I like the colors you use in your pieces.