Vintage Valentine Collage

Guess what?  I actually managed to finish an artwork and blog about it!

Someone locally contacted me about participating in art show about LOVE and I thought this would be the perfect motivation for me to use some of the vintage Valentines cards in my stash.  Since that initial couple of emails I haven't heard anything else about the show, so who knows if it's going to happen or if that opportunity is gone.  Either way, it was a little kick in the pants to do something creative!

I used scrapbook paper cut into shapes, outlined in black doodles and white dots added.  Strips of tissue paper and paints were added as well.

These flowers on the right side were from an Instagram photo of a bouquet of flowers my husband sent me one year on our anniversary. 

A clown riding a pig?  I had to use this in my collage!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet. Hope you are feeling well. xox