Layers of Color workshop

Thanks everyone who sent me messages of congratulations on our new baby, Desmond!  He is doing very well, sleeping a LOT and I am steadily healing. 

I still have a LONG way to go to get my strength back up.  A simple trip to Target just completely exhausted me yesterday.

I have not had time to make art since Desmond was born, but I have been watching some of the videos in Stephanie Corfee's online workshop.  She is so talented!  The workshop is jam packed with so many ideas it will take me all year to work through them I'm sure.  And, each one, I just want to create multiple artworks based on the lesson. 

The artworks in this blog post were made based on one of her watercolor lessons.  When I photograph my watercolor pictures I have a hard time making the pinks not look washed out and strange.  Any suggestions? 

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Unknown said...

Wow these are GORGEOUS!! Love the shapes and the bright colours.

When I photograph my art I try to get soft lighting on it, and then afterwards I adjust in photoshop (auto color, auto levels, auto contrast) to match the real colours.

Glad to hear you're recovering from the birth. It takes a while doesn't it!!

Emma Parker said...

Love these colours, so vibrant....