Bring Back Our Girls

Thursday, May 15, will be one month since nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped; it is rumored that they have been sold into slavery.  Can you imagine their anguish, and the anguish of their families?  It is unthinkable.

After weeks of this tragedy being virtually invisible, our government is sending some aid and many demonstrations have occurred.  The world is taking notice. Jessica Sporn put out "A CALL TO ART," and a lot of incredible artists are participating.  Here are the details:

So many amazing artists (including Ronda Palazzari, Kristen Powers, Marjie Kemper, Lesley Veneble and Judy Shea, to name a few) are participating in the online auction, which starts on May 15th at 7AM EDT, and ends on May 17 at 3PM EDT.  

Here is the artwork I am donating to the auction and here is the direct listing.  Bidding starts at $10 for this 9"x12" original mixed media collage on paper.


Unknown said...

that's a beautiful piece Marcia. I am so glad you are participating and can't wait for the bidding to begin!

Kelly Warren said...

Love this idea.