Still no baby!  Just waiting...  It feels like the baby should be here now, although I am only about 37 1/2 weeks.  The last ultrasound had the baby measuring about 8 lbs 12 oz already.  This is going to be a big boy!

Last night I made some of these watercolor backgrounds.  I started watching Stephanie Corfee's workshop videos and she starts out very similar to how I do my watercolor paintings.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos.


I picked up a watercolor sketchpad called Kid Made Modern from Target for under $3.  The paper is 7.5" x 9" which is perfect size for sketching and art journaling.  I was SO impressed with the quality of this watercolor paper.  For kid's watercolor paper, it is pretty darn good.  My plan is to buy a few of these pads and bind them to make my own art journal.  The three smaller paintings in the background were painted on this paper.


Anonymous said...

I remember being so huge at the end, so I walked but you can't can you? Ah keep playing with your paints....that will make the time go by and you will have a huge selection of backgrounds for journaling. xox

Martha Rose said...

Oh I do know how you feel. My first baby was 2 wks late. I was enormous. People I knew would walk up to me and say "Haven't you had that baby yet?" Well, nooooo. Finally I got tired of that and started whispering, "well actually she was born 3 wks ago, but I love my maternity clothes so much I've been stuffing a pillow under my dress.: A couple of folks actually believed me!