An Interview with William Wegman and International Dot Day


I have TWO very cool things to share with you.

1.   I had the opportunity to talk to one of my favorite artists ON THE PHONE.  William Wegman, who is known for dressing his dogs in costumes and photographing them, was so gracious to talk to me on the phone for an interview.  I posted it on my other blog, Art is Basic.  Hop over there to listen to the recording!!

2.  You know how I shared my dot paintings in the last post?  Well, we celebrated International Dot Day at school and I made a blog post about my students' artworks, also on Art is Basic.

Art is Basic

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A'n'G Johnson said...

How incredibly cool that you got to speak to him!!! Holy cow... that is huge.

I love the dot project :) Looks like your students did too.