A Year in Review Mosaic

Happy New Year!  I didn't get a chance to make as much art as I wanted, but here is a mosaic of most of the artwork I made this year.  Thanks for reading my blog and following along with my adventures.  Here's to a great 2015!

1. Truth, 2. watercolor backgrounds, 3. Wisp, 4. Organic Configuration, 5. art journal page grid format, 6. Magic, 7. starlight girl, 8. watercolor doodle, 9. Time is Limited, 10. kids with animals, 11. Count the Stars Journal Page, 12. Whatever is True, 13. Flower doodles, 14. Puppy in the Sky 2, 15. Shooting Star Tonight, 16. Flower Doodling, 17. you are a firecracker detail, 18. Spring Flowers in Ink, 19. vintage Valentine collage, 20. happiness, 21. butterfly journal full, 22. Still Life, 23. Watercolor Creatures, 24. All Creatures Great and Small, 25. Watercolor Patterns, 26. Flower Journal Page, 27. Decorative Detail, 28. Abyss, 29. Move Forward, 30. Dot Day, 31. colorful bird painting, 32. Rumi Quote, 33. Imagine, 34. Listen to Your Art, 35. You Are Awesome, 36. Wish watercolor collage


Anonymous said...

What a happiness mosaic this is. So glad you made what art you did. Happy New Year. xox

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks Corrine! Happy New Year to you. :)