Fun Christmas Presents

I got a few fun Christmas presents that were art related.  I got a set of Tropical Gelatos from Faber Castell.  These are similar to oil pastels, but water-soluble, which means you can spread them with water.  They are creamy and have vivid colors.  I have a bunch of these in different shades.

I have some of the Gelli printing plates at school and I wanted to have a small one to use in my art journal. I got the 3"x5" Gel Printing Plate, which is great for doing small prints.

Lynda Barry has some really interesting books with writing and drawing exercises, comics and collage.  I gifted this book to my sister-in-law and also received it off of my Amazon wishlist!  Here are some peeks inside the book Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor.

Now it's your turn!  Did you get any fun new presents?

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