Printing with Paperclips

I checked out the book Print & Stamp Lab from the library and there was a cool idea in there with printing with paper clips (among many other found objects.)  When I was at Target, I found these cool purple paperclips and decided to try it out.

First, find a scrap wooden block to use as a base.  Place layers of double stick tape on top of the block.  Firmly press your paper clips on to the base.  You can use other objects such as buttons, pennies or basically anything lightweight and flat.

Use a brayer to roll acrylic paint on to the surface. I used a firm brayer, but I think a soft foam brayer might actually work better. 

Place your paper upside on top of the block.  Rub your fingers over the surface to transfer the paint to your paper.  Pull your paper off and voila!

Print on top of painted papers or colored papers of your choice.  Use these as a base or layering for a collage, art journal page or greeting card. 

The printing block won't be able to be reused over and over again, but you could just re-tape the pieces if they fall off.

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