The art of silliness... another drawing

I am participating in the Art of Silliness workshop with Carla Sonheim. I am getting all kinds of great worksheets for the kids to use in my art classroom. Each day, Carla sends up a quirky, funny and inspiring worksheet to complete.   Besides being very sweet, Carla is a wonderful artist.  While this workshop is daily, you can jump in at any time, so it's not too late to sign up.  So, this painting started with a drawing prompted by a series of steps.. for example.. draw 3 long lines... , etc.  The thing is you can change the types of lines and how you draw them.  So, everyone's picture ends up looking very unique.  This is an exercise I have done in my art classroom before.  It's a great one.  After I drew the image, I painted it with watercolors. 

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