Scrapbook/Art Journaling Page of my Dog

My dog is truly one of my children.  Whoever thinks animals don't have souls has never owned a dog.  Linus has lived with us for 3 years now.  We got him from rescue agency.  The humane society would not take him because they said he was "not good with humans".  While he was very very skittish and scared when we first got him, he has never hurt any of us and is super obedient.  He follows us around and wants to please us.  One time we accidently left him outside after we'd taken him out and he was just sitting outside on the porch staring at the door waiting for us to come back.  While he has not been the perfect dog by any means (he likes to chew apart dirty diapers), I couldn't imagine not having him.


GlorV1 said...

Well I'm defintely the same track with my dogs I have now and the ones in the past. I only have two right now, Chocolatte' and Chippy Girl. I stopped calling dogs, "dogs" a long time ago. They have become my Family Pet Members (FPM). That's how I refer to them. Yes, dogs have feelings, get embarressed, sad, mad, hurt and love you no matter what. You are right about someone who has never had a dog not knowing the bond that develops between a FPM and it's owner. When I lost my Chorizo back in 2007, it was like my heart had been torn out and yes very much like losing a member of the family. Linus looks like a little cutie pie.
"Dogs Rock and they Rule." Nice journal.

PennyD said...

Sweet, I love it. Will have to do one of my Diz.

Desiree said...

One, a huge lover of animals, esp dogs! :D Both our current dogs are from the shelter and I am a big believer in rescuing! I have ha many dogs this way over the years! My husband still gets amazed that even though we got Bronx, our male dog, from the shelter, how much like my husband he is, seriously. lol :) love this picture of his face, it says so much! :D