Technique Tuesday

Here's a fun technique for kids and adults alike.

Use markers to draw designs on a coffee filter.  regular washable markers like crayola will work, permanent markers will not.

Flip over the coffee filter and place on a piece of paper.  Spray with water.

The ink will bleed to the paper to create a tie dyed effect.  Let it dry before removing the coffee filter. These would make lovely layers in a collage or could be torn up and added to an art journal page.  
Here is another one that I moved, resprayed and blotted.

Drawing on coffee filters is fun!



Unknown said...

Yes it is fun! I can attest to that, just did this with 4 classes today whew! They loved it. Another twist is we took permanent marker and drew a design/picture then colored it. A kid came up with the idea and it was so great that we did it with the rest of the classes. The effect is really dimensional. I'll have to post them soon to show you how they came out!

Unknown said...

Oh what a fun idea. love the effect! Dxx