New Journal Pages, Featuring Magazine and Postcards in the Mail

Three Issues!!  We've successfully published three issues.  I love this magazine.  Many many thanks to Marit and Marius for their vision and extreme amount of work to produce it.  I've been so blessed to be able to write articles for the magazine.  We are currently working on the fourth issue.  There is going to be an informative article about Mail Art, illustrated with reader mail art!  Thanks so much if you have submitted to this project.  I already wrote an article about a Fear project-- art that illustrates people's fears and phobias, and I have a couple more possible articles in the works.  If you love Featuring, tell your friends and spread the word. 

Connect with Featuring magazine here: Website:
Twitter:  @Featuring_Mag

I received three gorgeous postcards in the mail from the Artists in Blogland postcard swap.

Thanks to Susan, Corrine Gilman, and Jo Urbani for these colorful and creative cards.

And here are a few art journal pages I made this week.

Yes, I have had Rhianna's song stuck in my head!

One day, while I was cleaning garbage in my room at my first teaching job, I found a handwritten note that one middle school student sent to another.  One of the lines that stood out was, "In the darkest of nights, you are the brightest of stars."  I think I found a love note.  Much better than what COULD have been on that note.

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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Tiffany said...

I would love to get my hands on these magazines! They look amazing.

Marcia Beckett said...

Tiffany, All of the issues of Featuring magazine are available in the Featuring store!! You should definitely check it out: