5 Fabulous Things I am Loving Right Now

1.  On Writing Craft Tutorials and Creating "Original DIYs".

2.  Creative Lettering book.. I just ordered this and it is chock-full of fun lettering ideas.  I recommend this one if you like hand lettering.

3.  These gorgeous artworks by Andrea Juan.

4.   I'm continually amazed by Marie Gosselin's drawings.

5.  52 Things to Post About When You Don't Know What to Post About


Anonymous said...

Great list this week. Yes the lettering book is intriguing, I always struggle to do the lettering athst seems so easy to some. xox

Teddi said...

marcia, have you got the lettering book yet? i want to see the pages you create using it. i already own about 5 or 6 creative lettering books. so i wondered if this one would have something new or different? it's been on my wishlist.

Marcia Beckett said...

Teddi, I really do love it so far. It's fairly inexpensive on amazon now. I love Pam Garrison's and Elviestudios' tutorials. I'm glad I bought it. What other lettering books do you have?

Teddi said...

my lettering books are: the scrapbooker's book of alphabets by melody ross, the art of creative lettering by becky higgins, lettering and liking it too by sandra ord tyson, the abc's of creativing lettering by lindsay ostrom, lmnop more creative letting by lindsay ostrom, letter better by cyndi hansen and dots n' doodles with suxanne mcneill