Project Life Update

Scrapbooking is one of those hobbies I have that goes in spurts.  I really enjoy having finished scrapbooks but sometimes it feels tedious to put all the pieces together.  I want it to be a low-stress hobby.  I don't want to feel like I *have* to keep up with it and I only want to work on it if I feel like it.  How about you?  Do you feel kind of overwhelmed if you get behind on scrapbooking and you have tons of pictures?  Do you try to catch up or do you just throw the pictures in photo albums?

I had all of these little square photos printed from  They were pretty fast and the quality is scrumptious.  I highly recommend them if you want to print off your photos from your Instagram app.

I found this really lovely printed tape with roses on it from Michael's craft store which I used in most of these cards.  I was going to link up some of the products I used, but then I realized that with most of them, I take them out of the package, throw away the labels and I don't know what brand they are anyway.
I really really love this sock monkey sticker!!  The Life card will be on the front page of this new 2013 book.
All of these cards I made in one sitting and I think that the colors work with each other.  Repeating the rose colored tape helps to tie them together.  All of these cards will go into my Project Life binder with divided sleeves. The cards photograph better outside of the sleeves. 

Thanks for reading!  Best wishes, Marcia
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