Sticky Journals Guest Post: Ana Polari

This Sticky Journals Guest Post comes from Ana Polari.
She titles her post "Bunny Vomit".  I LOVE what she has done, but then again I love cute and colorful things.  ha ha.  I'm glad this challenge forced you to step out of your comfort zone, Ana, and I love what you have done... especially using the sticker as a silhouette to trace.

Here's Ana:

My sticker postcards:

Even though I follow a lot of blogs and always like to leave a comment on someone else's post, I've never been interested in joining challenges or group projects. For challenges you usually have to make a number of art pieces or write posts on your blog on certain days. I guess this works for many people, it keeps them inspired and motivated. I, however, could never join these challenges because I'd feel too much pressure and so I'd create things I don't like just to beat the deadline. 
But this time I decided to make an exception.

One of my guilty pleasures are stickers. I love them! So I was very excited when Marcia Becket invited me to be a guest artist for the Sticky Journals challenge on her blog, Art & Inspiration. She sent packs of stickers to several artists and now shares what they created with them on her blog. Here's a peek of what I got:

Personally I could never use stickers on my books and journals for two reasons. One, I feel that a sticker on one of my pages would make it less mine. And two, stickers are very cute, and I don't want what I do to be cute. Lots of glitter, baby animals, colors and words like 'happiness' and 'hope''s just not my style. So instead of making a book I chose to make some postcards, because mail art allows me to experiment and step outside of what I consider to be my style.

This is the first postcard I made. I tried different sticker combinations before I got this idea. The golden frame is that part of the sicker sheet that you usually throw away. The curious thing is that I made this postcard first and then I thought of making its 'sister' using the original circles. 

When I finished these two postcards I went back to the sticker pack and searched for something that made me feel inspired among all those cutesy animals and colors. I chose a kitty with a ribbon on its tail.

 I copied the silhouette and created a kitty mosaic which I painted using watercolour pencils. This is the result:

Finally, after a long struggle with the stickers' cute and joyful influence, I just let go and made this bunny postcard. It hurts a little to look at it, and while I was making it I had to stop for a moment to write on my notebook: 'color headache flash insomnia'. So I guess I like this postcard and at the same time it makes me want to vomit. Cute and color overload! If it were a page on one of my books it'd be in the trash by now. But it's a postcard so I like it, and I'm glad I chose this format.

This challenge was harder than I thought it'd be. But it was fun and gave me some unexpected results, so I'm gonna keep all the stickers I didn't use and I'll take them out whenever I want to take a step out of my comfort zone again.

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