Another giveaway I won :)

So, you know how I just told you that I have been super lucky this year winning giveaways?  I opened another box that came which was from artist Kelly Rae Roberts giveaway.  First prize was a plane trip to see her and spend a day working with her in her studio and touring the company where her products are produced.  Well that would have been AWESOME, but I won as a runner-up.  Which is just fabulous also, because I got this cool box of goodies.  It had been sitting on our table by the door for a few days and I didn't open it.  The reason I didn't open it was stupid!  My husband said, "Oh your box of padded mailers that you ordered came in."  So, I left them there, because padded mailers aren't all that exciting.  So I got around to opening it today and lo and behold, I was super excited to see what was inside. 

Girl wall hanging!

This is a canvas wall hanging!

This is a gorgeous sketchbook journal!

A cup that I can take to school with me!

And in case you think I'm being greedy with all this cool swag that I'm winning, I'm also spreading the love and doing giveaways on my other blog, with is a blog for art teachers.  If you are interested, check out Art is Basic. 

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