Mosaic Monday

Mosaic Monday is a mosaic of inspiration for you.  These were found on flickr through my contacts and groups.  This is not my own art.  Click through the links below to see their original sources.  Hopefully they will inspire you as they have inspired me!

1. Seattle Souvenir Journal: Full, 2. Fabulous - greeting card, 3. poster for a series of events at the oakland museum of california, 4. adjectives, block letters, 5. Untitled, 6. the touch of summer, 7. ideal vacation spots 'in the sun class', 8. Magna Doodle, 9. Let'n Loose!, 10. center of circulation, 11. doble vision, 12. Effloresce, 13. Caldas watercolour, 14. song for autumn, 15. my playground


Unknown said...

very cool stuff

iHanna said...

Yummy pages! Click click away!