Lots of WIP

I've got lots of works in progress going on right now.  Lots of things I'm playing around with.

Painting with spray inks, acrylic paint, collage materials... writing to be added soon.

Watercolor doodling... painting, then erasing because I'm unhappy with it.  ugh!  Hate it when that happens.  Luckily this Ampersand Aquabord I'm using wipes off pretty easily.

Painting doodles.. you can see on the lower right corner where I've been wiping off some paint with water and paper towels. 

Painting that has been sitting on my desk.. not sure where to go with it from here, so it's just sitting there.

Collage that I'm starting.  The photograph on the left is one I took at the botanical gardens here in town.  This is the first stage of painting the background, laying down collage elements.  Paint will be added on top to tie the pieces together.  The goal is for it to look something like this previous collage, which I like a lot.  or something like this one.    The final piece will change a lot from this picture you see here.

an index card sized collage.  It is so satisfying just to throw down a bunch of disparate pieces and glue them together.  My toddler will just sit there and smear glue with the glue stick all over the paper.  There's something fun about smashing pieces together, right?

Here is a sketch from a photograph of an interior.  This will be what I'm working on this week probably.  It's a nice exercise in proportion and perspective and all those lovely "p" skills. 

I will be linking this to the Butterfly Effect, which you should check out.  Those girls are fun, crazy and down to earth! 

Also, you should join my Flickr group, which is called Lettering Love.  Love of all things lettering!
Handwriting, hand lettering, embellished letters, illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy, funky and juicy words!
Art journal pages, greeting cards, diaries, posters and art!!  I've been very excited about lettering and using paint to make words and numbers.  I couldn't find any really good groups on flickr for lettering.  I want to see letters and numbers of all kinds. 

P.S.  I am LOVING this artwork  Yoshie is an artist based in Japan. She loves travel and making illustrations by using scraps of fabric, stitch, acrylic, collage mix on cloth or paper.  Her works are making picturebooks and artwork for advertising, magazines, collaboration goods, and more. she also loves doing art-workshops for kids and adults in many places. 


Anonymous said...

lovely work,, that drawing is excellent,, its so true,, the need for practising the "p" s,,

Anoeska said...

I really LOVE your colors!!

Jenny Petricek said...

Hey there! Thanks for your wonderful compliments on my last blog post!

I love seeing these WIP's. I think seeing the infancy and adolescence of a piece is such a treat, because I learn so much from seeing the different stages. I see the piece the way the artist sees it, as it's coming to fruition, gelling together. It's interesting to see the places where you made erasures or changes, and encourages me to feel less frustrated when I feel I need to make changes to an aspect of one of my collages...it's just another step in the process of creating the final, finished piece!

Unknown said...

Great WIP! I too love seeing things as they are hatched and the many ways they may change and delight before they are finished. Great pieces in the works - love your interior drawing too. Kristen form CED

Aimee Cotton Bogush said...

Your works in progress are just beautiful. I love the saturated colors, fun and uplifting.