Are you an artist in blogland? Directory of Artists

Many of my blog friends were a part of Artsee Bloggers which is now closing down.  I decided to open up a similar place where everyone can link their art blogs.  It does not have the category separations like Artsee Bloggers had, but I figured you could stop by the blogs and spend a minute or two to decide if it is a blog you are interested in.  Many people work in multiple forms of art.  I plan to do a weekly weekend check-in, where you will link directly to a post from the week about what you have created.  For the weekly check in, there will not be restrictions on the type of art or themes, it will just be sharing what you have done!  I hope to also compile a list of favorite art resources and books for your perusal.  So, join the blog directory, grab a button and spread the word!


Unknown said...

wonderful!! I will love to join in. how do I get your button? usually there is some html to copy and paste to my sidebar

Marcia Beckett said...

cool. Go to the Artists in Blogland page. On the right hand side is the button!

Laney said...

Hi! I joined a few days ago. I was so happy to find your site! I have mostly blogged about art quilting but I am starting to include my drawing/painting/journaling etc! I enjoy a variety of mediums. Looking forward to "meeting" others and making new friends!