Lettering Tutorial

Lettering Tutorial

What I like to do sometimes to spice up my writing is to find some interesting fonts online and copy them in my journal.

Rendering the letters of the font will never be exactly like printing them off the computer because you add your own artistic touch to each of them.

For this letter, I searched "The Letter B" on google.com (using the images tab).  I liked this letter:
So I used my marker and dove right in to copy the lines how I wanted to.  No pencil first.  Whatever happens, happens.   I changed it up a bit as I went and did not feel the need to copy it exactly as shown.  The letter above gave me guidelines for the extra flourishes and design.  Here is what I drew.  See, it's not exactly the same, but it looks interesting.

So I did the same thing with the rest of the alphabet and looked up many other fonts.  Search for "fonts" under google images. 

Here is my alphabet sampler.  

Now I want to see what you do with letters..  Comment here and share your lettering.


Crystal said...

I just love your letters. Generally I am pretty bad at lettering. Signs are not my thing but a few years ago I decorated a big letter M for my daughter Mary and used scratchboard. She still has cherishes it. :-)

Marcia Beckett said...

Thanks! I love lettering, but sometimes I feel they look stilted or too contrived. I need to loosen up a bit. :)

Dianne said...

Cool sampler! and really like the watercolor background too...very fun letters.

Geri said...

Love the letters - don't have time to play around right now, but if I do I'll link back to share =)

Carolyn Dube said...

What a great way to grow lettering skills! Your idea makes me feel like there is hope for my letting skills!