Families Journal Page

This is a family.
What is a family?

People need families.
People need people.

Some of the layers I used in this art journal collage were:

ink doodles on deli paper
scrapbook paper
rub on images
a losing powerball ticket, lol
patterned tape
cut outs from a vintage children's book

I visited my old college town a few weeks ago (Normal, IL).  My friend, Beth, took me to a charity book sale.  The sale ran all weekend, with books donated from bookstores and other people.  On the last day of the sale they had a $5 bag book deal.  You could fill a paper grocery bag with as many books as you'd like for $5.  They had so many books.  There were a lot of brand-new good quality books, plus an equal amount of used books. If you are a fan of Dean Koontz, Mary Higgins Clark or Danielle Steele you would have been very happy.  I picked up about 10-15 novels (including a couple MHC, Jodi Picoult, some true crime, and some chick lit books).  I found about 4 books for my sister-in-law who is collecting all of the Stephen King books.  Daria picked out a stack of children's books.  My husband found only one book he wanted.  He's a little bit more discriminate about his reading.  Then, there were so many vintage children's books.  I spent a long time debating about which ones to choose.  In retrospect I should have filled another bag, but my husband was already not entirely happy about me picking up over 30 books to add to our already full book shelves.  I found 4 vintage picture books that I thought would be interesting to add to collages.  That is where these words about families came from.  It was a children's "family studies/social studies" type of book.  There is charming writing on various pages of the book, which I enjoyed looking at.

Currently, I am reading (and almost finished with) The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair.  Wow, is it a powerful book!  If you ever think your life is hard or your job is stressful, read this book!  You will totally think your life is easy after reading it.  If you don't know what it's about it is a classic novel about the early years of the 20th century in the meatpacking industry.  It follows the life of a hard-working struggling immigrant who encounters difficulty and tragedy.  It exposed the terrible working conditions and led to massive change in America.  


Unknown said...

Beautiful collage page and what a great message. How lucky you were to find so many books at this great sale! Look forward to seeing bits and pieces in your future work. The Jungle is indeed a powerful book. I haven't read it since college, but it was one of my inspirations for becoming a vegetarian.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family message. Love this page too. Books sales, ah, heaven....enjoy your finds. xox

Duaa said...

Love this journal page...Lovely expression with all those cut outs and scribbles and your message is delivered in a brief but deep way!