Featuring magazine, a quote page, hot glue....

My posting is going to be limited for a little while.  I burnt four of my fingers on a hot glue gun yesterday and had to go to the urgent care.  Basically the glue dripped on four fingers on my left hand... I was sitting in the teacher's lounge peeling the hot glue off my fingers and crying.  Definitely a shock to the system.  They are ok now... just some throbbing on and off.   I ordered low temp glue guns because I am not going to use those anymore.  So, limited typing now..

Featuring magazine is ready for pre-order... Since it's hard for me to type, I am sharing Jennifer's explanation of the details:

From Jennifer,

"Holy Cow, we did it!! Whew! We at FEATURING have been working our proverbial behinds off, seriously. Maybe that's why mine seems to be getting smaller. ;o)  After the second issue took an extra month to get out to the public, our Head Honcho, Marit, decided we should really try and get the third issue out for Christmas. And low and behold, we DID IT!! It was a tonne of slaving over a computer, talking to a lot of incredible artists and writing, writing, writing. But we did what seemed impossible just a few months ago. Issue 3 of FEATURING is HERE and available for preorder.

I think this issue is the best one yet. Issue three is jam packed with colourful and intriguing artwork and informative articles. You don't believe me?? You say you want proof?? Hmmm, pushy aren't you?! Hehehe. Ok, since you begged and used your puppy dog eyes, I guess I can give you a sneak peek. But don't tell anyone, you'll get me in trouble, ;o)

Here's a link to a preview of some of the fantastic pages in Issue three. You can read more about many of the articles in this issue here. Here's a list of the articles in this issue...
  • Paper Paintings
  • Monotypes go Mainstream
  • Full Disclosure
  • Poetry, Hidden and Found
  • Somebody’s got to do it
  • Stephanie Drömer
  • An Artist in Berlin
  • Create to the Music
  • The Art of Motherhood
  • They Call Me Mr. Hosta (an article about my own art, YAY!!)
  • Spontaneous Acts of Creation
  • An extraordinary exhibition
  • Three journals
  • Featured Blogger
  • Love Me Do
  • Into the Studio
  • View of the World
A great piece of news is that we at FEATURING have figured out a way of lowering the cost of shipping outside Europe!! Since much of the the magazine is sold to individuals living outside Europe, the owners at FEATURING worked hard to give those people paying the highest shipping a break this Christmas. Cool, huh?

This would make a terrific Christmas present for any artist. Preorder your copy of Issue 3 here. You can still also order Issue 1 and Issue 2. Also, if you want to keep up to date with all things FEATURING, then click here to sign up for the newsletter. Now you'll be in the know about when the newest issue is coming out and any other cool FEATURING news."


Jane said...

I've ordered Issue #3 of Featuring. Love this magazine. Outstanding quality in every aspect!!

Jane said...

Sending healing prayers. Sorry you hurt yourself. Take care.

Unknown said...

Oh Marcia -- I feel for you. I did the same thing a few years ago and know how much that hurts. Will order issue #3 because I loved #2. Sending healing thoughts through the atmosphere...

artfullycarin@gmail.com said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear you are in pain! Hope you feel better soon! I preordered number 3 the other day when I got the email. Can't wait for it to arrive!

GlorV1 said...

Hope your fingers heal fast. Ouch! Take care.

Carolyn Dube said...

Ouch! That sounds so painful! I hope they heal quickly for you! Featuring's issue 3 looks fabulous!