Here. Now.

 Recently I have been using a grid format in my artwork, so I decided to use the challenge of creating an artwork based on a circular structure. I taught a lesson on radial designs to my third and fourth grade students and they created beautiful and intricate mandala designs so I was inspired to use a circle in my artwork. I started this collage by drawing two concentric circles on a piece of paper that was already painted. I cut the circles to create a ring. Then, I glued this ring onto a new background. Using a compass, I drew another circle outside of the ring. Then, I photocopied leaves on a color copier and added words using letter rub-ons. Finally, I added color and depth with markers, white out pen and oil pastels. I chose to place these words on the image as a reminder that I am here now. I need to embrace the moment I am in and not worry needlessly about other times.  


Unknown said...

I love your art in this piece = and what a great reminder and message.

Anonymous said...

Great interpretation of your idea. I love circles and this is no exception and I love your words! xox