Buried Treasure: Farmer's Market in Madison, WI Photography

Every year, Seth Apter of The Altered Page invites us to share a "Buried Treasure", a post from the past that may get buried in your blog.   Every year I enjoy going through my blog archives and finding an interesting post to re-share.  This year, I'm going to share some fun photos from 2010.

Farmer's Market in Madison, WI,  2010

These are all photos I took on one day at the Farmer's Market in Madison.  It is a huge Farmer's Market which circles around the entire capitol building square and is always very bustling with people.  In addition to vegetables and plants, they sell honey, jelly, cheese (LOTS of cheese, it is Wisconsin after all!), fresh baked bread, donuts and pastries, drinks and more.  There are always street musicians to entertain the kids, little booths with crafts and often special events (like when they brought real cows for the kids to pet the other weekend.)   It happens every Saturday and is a huge deal here.  Lots of people meet up with there friends and you will see kids running around on the capitol lawn playing.  If you ever come visit Madison, WI you must stop at the Farmer's Market on the capitol square on Saturday morning.

These photos were taken in the early morning, so they do not capture the bustle and busyness of the market.  Usually around 10 am it is super crowded.  We try to go in the early morning in order to avoid the huge crowds. 
At the Farmer's Market

Balloons at the Market, 2010

Tie-Dye T-shirts at the Market, 2010

Setting up a Flower Stall, 2010

Best wishes, Marcia
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Anonymous said...

Great shots Marcia, thanks for taking us back. xox

Maude Lynn said...

Fantastic colors!