Lego Brickworld Convention- 2013, Part One

Lego superman, doggie, Batman and Alvin & the Chipmunks

Last weekend we went to the Lego Brickworld Convention in Schaumburg, IL.  My husband Andrew is an avid Lego collector and builder.  We made the trip with Daria to see the Lego convention exhibits.  As an art teacher, I found some very interesting displays!  It was really great to see all the kids engaged in building and designing their own Lego exhibits.  Such a better hobby than sitting and watching TV or playing with video games (not that there's not a place for that either, but moderation, right?)   Many of the exhibits were built by adult Lego groups and others with parents and their kids.  All of the designs were original, not built from kits.  

We took so many pictures and I tried to cull them down to my favorites.  I split up the pictures into 3 blog posts.   

This is a model of the capitol building in Madison that my husband designed and built for the show.  Isn't it great?

There were a lot of awesome city scenes built with Legos.  I found the Dunkin' Donuts!
Of course I found the Starbucks also!

There were a lot of fun little pieces within larger scenes.  I love the mermaid in the fountain.

This was part of a huge interconnected piece that went around the entire table.  There were little soccer balls that moved throughout the parts.  This was a giant ferris wheel type thing where the soccer balls went around until they moved to the next piece. 

Daria and her cousins were fascinated by the Lego trains.

Here is a video I took of one of the trains.

Best wishes, Marcia
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