ICAD #2, Glue It Tuesday and Watercolor Doodles

Index Card a Day #2
Sharing with Glue It Tuesday.

I made my second index card for Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day.  My goal is to make half of the cards.. about 30.  I like the idea of making quick index card artworks...  with my other projects going on (Project Life scrapbooking, working on my Professional Development Plan for school, organizing stuff at school, playing with Daria) we'll see how much I get done this summer.

Daria's at daycare once per week this summer to keep her in the swing of things.  Today she is there.  My plan today is to write this blog post, then I need to deep clean the house and do laundry.  I know, I lead an exciting life!  We watched my brother's dogs this week and with 3 dogs in a small house, that creates a LOT of fur balls!

When I pick up Daria from daycare I'm going to take out the index cards and scrapbooking stuff and see if she wants to make some art with me.   

I'm reading this really interesting book I got from the library called Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century: 32 Families Open their Doors which is way different from other home design books you will read.  These are pictures of middle class families' homes in their every day life... real-time observations in unstaged homes.  Bottom line is that Americans have too much clutter!
  • American children (a small percentage of the world's children) buy 40% of the world's toys! 
  • 3/4 of the families in this study use their garages for storage only, not for their cars!
  • The researchers noted that how cluttered the refrigerator is with schedules, photos and magnets is directly proportional to how cluttered and messy the rest of the house is.   
Looking at this book made me realize our house is not as cluttered as it could be, but we definitely have too many material objects.

More colorful art:
Here are a couple of watercolor doodles I made awhile back and never posted.

Best wishes, Marcia
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Linda Kunsman said...

Your GIT project is so colorful and happy-love it!

Vario Creative Art said...

Love the watercolor doodles! Beautiful colors! Great job Marcia! xo, Jill (glimmerbug.com)

Unknown said...

Love your work, all of it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bird lover, so naturally, I really like the gold finch card :)
Happy GIT,

storybeader said...

love your little stars on your card! My house is a mess with one dog, I can't imagine three! {:-Deb

Artatag said...

Cheerful watercolour doodles and I love your bird card! And Ithink you are right, most of us have too much stuff in the house...

GalleryJuana said...

the index card a day looks like a fun project to work on through the year. sweet bird collage.

interesting correlations from the book you're reading about clutter.

visiting from git:)

Susie said...

This is yummy and juicy. LOVE.

Beverley Baird said...

Great pieces you've created! Really love your collage!I'm enjoying ICAD - keeps me creating every day.

Anonymous said...

I love that you pared down icad to what you think is manageable and are still doing it. Make it work FOR you that is the thing.
Your collage make me think of the 4th of July! it's the stars, I know, but still it is very cheerful and uplifting.

aimee said...

beautiful pieces and I love that you are taking time for yourself to do it!

sharon said...

I love the colours in your work, beautiful.

Marit said...

I LOVE your index card Marcia, it's such a fun size to work on it don't you think? I had trouble with it for years but now I'm completely in love with these cards... I should clean the house too this weekend but naaahhh... there's so much more fun to do. Have a nice weekend and hug from Holland.

Deborah Weber said...

Love your starry bird card, and your intention to play in a way that's a right fit for you. Yay! And those watercolors are so bright and luscious. Yum!

A'n'G Johnson said...

Love love all the bright colors.

Hmmm.... I just moved and though everything is out of boxes, they haven't found homes yet... so my house is top to bottom covered in things that are just randomly lying around. While I hope to not have a cluttered house once we have fully moved in... my fridge is COVERED in magnets. haha. oh no.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love, love, love your ICAD.

I agree that the stuff you put on your fridge is directly proportional to how tidy your house is. I've always hated a cluttered fridge and have tried to keep it clutter free. Thanks for the bit of wisdom.