Featuring Magazine #4 is Coming Soon!

Wowza, Issue #4 is almost here!  We've been working really hard on this issue and even though we've had many setbacks, Issue #4 is going to be amazing. 

What is Featuring magazine?
A full color, gorgeous print magazine including art journaling, mixed media and other creative artworks.  Interviews with artists, stunning projects and reader artwork awaits in this issue.  

Look at this beautiful cover:

Read the brief summary of the content
Flip through some of the pages in the preview
It will take a while for the actual paper magazine to get back from the printing office, but you may want to pre-order the magazine because when you do that, you have the chance to win a Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit from Gauche Alchemy!!
Yes, you heard it right: FEATURING cooperated with GAUCHE ALCHEMY for A GIVE AWAY.

Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit

We will give away 5 ACME Mixed Media Paper Craft kits to readers who pre-order issue #4 before June 23. The fourth issue of the magazine will be released soon after.
Now that is an extra reason to want to order the magazine, isn’t it? Why not go ahead then. PRE ORDER/BUY your copy now to have your name in the hat for our give away and to make sure the fourth issue of FEATURING will come your way as soon as it is released.

Would you like to hear about my personal experiences writing for this issue?  Well, I am going to share them with you anyways!  The best part of writing for the magazine is the chance to become exposed to all different types of artists, some that I wouldn't ordinarily have come across.  Also, it is interesting taking all of the information the artist gives and translating it into an easy-to-understand, thorough and intriguing article. 

My first assignment for this issue was to write about Julie Elman's Fear Project

The Fear Project
Everybody is afraid of something, whether you want to admit it or not. What fears do you have? Could you create an artwork showing your fears? Maybe you would rather have Julie Elman illustrate your anxieties. Julie has illustrated over 100 fears. She calls this series her Fear Project.

Then, I can't remember the order of the other articles I wrote, but over the course of a few months I received three more requests for articles.  Other team members had personal conflicts and illnesses which limited their writing for this issue.  I took them one at a time and never felt overwhelmed with the writing.  It will be fun to see these articles in print!

Blueberry Muffin Studio
“Inexpensive therapy” is how Miranda Robb describes the benefits of art journaling. Using sketches, cutout phrases and magazine images, Miranda works through her emotions and life story. We took a peek into her art journals and got to know her better.

The Kingdoms of TIMothy
TIMothy Bruehl is a painter living in San Diego. His goal for his series 500 Kings in 500 Kingdoms is to create 500 individual canvases that work together as a whole. The canvases feature various cities (kingdoms) and are represented by symbolism and landmarks

Aleksandra Kabakova
Aleksandra Kabakova, an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia, creates sensitive, delicate images with gorgeous detailed black lines and splashes of color. Inspired by common things, she tries to catch the beauty of simplicity.

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Marit said...

Of course I knew already you wrote those articles but now that I see it summed up makes me even more grateful and happy that you are one of our contributing editors, Marcia. Thanks a million times and more for taking the extra's when we needed help. You are the best!