Lego Brickworld Convention-2013: Part Two

We went to the Lego Brickworld Convention a couple weekends ago and I wanted to show you some of the fun things we saw!  The first post about this is here.

One of the most fun part for the kids were two areas set up just to play with Legos.  They had two huge tables full with regular size gray Legos and then an area on the floor for Duplos.  Daria and her cousins spent about an hour just playing in this area.

The Lego mosaics were on of my favorite types of Lego projects to see.  There was a wide variety of these mosaics, built with flat Lego pieces.  

Do you recognize this artwork by George Seurat?

This is a close-up so you can see the type of Legos used to build the mosaic.

And how about this one?  Do you recognize Charles Demuth's The Figure 5.  Awesome!

Those faces are superb!

A Lego house inspired by Piet Mondrian

Silly rabbit!

Magritte mosaic, astronaut, and I think Star Wars...  (I don't know.. there were a lot of projects like this, but I'm not really into them, but they were impressively large and intricate!)
And here is a Lego rave video! 

Best wishes, Marcia
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Unknown said...

I had no idea so many amazing things were being created with Legos.