Index Cards

The Index Card challenge is winding down and I have several more cards to show you.

Tammy asked us to ponder some questions about ICAD.  Here are some of my answers!

Have you tried new techniques, themes, mediums, materials, palettes, pens?

     Yes.  I tried using the Crayola Wild Notes Index Cardswhich were fun, but the colors were not as bright as I expected.  You can see what it looks like in the circles on the last card in this post.  I also used a lot of my homemade stickers!

Do you look forward to your creative time each day?

     Of course!  I love creating art and I always look forward to it.

Have you made a little time each day for the past two months for a bit of art?

     I have not made art every day.  I would make a bunch of index card artworks in one day.

What was it like to make an extra card?

     Well, I usually made 3-5 cards in one sitting, because once I get on a roll with something, I like to keep going.  I will sit down and decide "Ok, today is my day to scrapbook."  or "Today is my day to paint."  and then I will stick with that.  I know the goal of Index Card a Day is to make one every day, but I did not make the index cards in that way.

Are you ready for something fresh and new?

    Yes, but I'm not sure what!

Do you love flipping through your cards?

    Of course!  I like that the artwork fits in the palm of your hands.

Did this inexpensive, flimsy canvas surprise you?

     There is a lot you can do with just a simple index card.  I painted on some to create backgrounds, used oil pastels and lots of collage.

Did you stick to the challenge?

    I did not create one every day, but I did make a sizable collection of index cards!

How many cards did you complete?

     I think I made 25 cards.  The cards have gotten placed in various sketchbooks, bags and desks, so I need to collect them all again!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! on making it through Icad Summer!!
I love your pastel inspired color pallet and the boldness of the black against it. Great job!