Sticker Inspiration

Here are some ways you can use sticky things in your artwork! 

Hang things! via Pinterest

Here, I used washi tape to hang my daughter's artwork!  The mind of a 3 year old...

Hang masking tape from your ceiling.   
Ok, that's not really practical, but it sure looks cool in an art installation!

Easy Washi Tape greeting card from

Gorgeous taped letters from Corey Moortgat:  I seriously LOVE all her stuff!

Washi tape silhouette art via My Sister's Suitcase

Just go crazy and fill a page with stickers.  Tacky, gaudy, but oh so fun!
Image via Weheartit

Create a taped wall!  Image via Molla Mills

Mix and match leftover stickers to speak your mind from Lisa Moorefield

Use up stickers on shoebox lids for your wall!

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