Cloth Paper Scissors Article on Watercolor Doodling

I am honored to have an article published in the Summer 2013 edition of Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES magazine.  It is on the newsstands now.  The digital version is available here.

I wrote about my watercolor doodles and showed how to photocopy the paintings, cut them up and use them in art journal pages.   I have a lot of these types of paintings on my blog, like here, here, and this page using the watercolor doodles. 

Cloth Paper Scissors does a wonderful job photographing the work and laying out the article.  I submitted about 10 different artworks to accompany the article and it's always interesting to see which ones they choose to use.

Thanks Cloth Paper Scissors!!!

Best wishes, Marcia
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A'n'G Johnson said...

Congratulations! Always exciting to be famous :)

Anonymous said...

Saw it, loved it, FAB. xox

Kelly Warren said...

Yay for you! I love PAGES and always can't wait to get it. Wish CPS would publish it more often.