Sticky Journals Guest Post: Rachel Mims

Guest Post:  Rachel Mims

I sent out 6 packets of stickers to 6 different artists and throughout the summer I will share with you what they have created.

I have been following Rachel Mims' blog for awhile now and it is so interesting to see what she does in her art therapy classes!

Here is what she wrote at the beginning of June:

"Today is June 1st - the 1st day of ICAD.  Did you make your card?  I made mine:

And then I put it in my art journal.  I started doing that last year - using the cards as part of my art journal pages - and really liked it so I am going to do it again this year.  Here is the page:

Of course, the card and that tab at the bottom (which came off of some junk mail) both open up.  I did some extra writing under the ICAD but not the tab.  Here is a picture of them opened up:

Do you see the stickers that I used?  This art journal page is FULL of them.  There are luggage tags from a trip (or 2?) that I took on American Airlines, a name tag from a dinner I attended, washi tape and stickers from Marcia Beckett.  Marcia is hosting a sticky journal challenge/guest artist challenge! As part of this series on her blog,, she sent me a package of stickers:

That's a lot of stickers, right?  I am really excited about using them!!!  So, that is why I got started right away!!  I got the stickers yesterday, I used them today.  Today I just used the stickers that matched my page... I tend to do that - stay in a color scheme.  Also, for some reason those number stickers really spoke to me.  I already know when I am going to use my other yellow 66 sticker!!"


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A'n'G Johnson said...

Very cool! Art therapy classes are hard... but a lot of fun. And including the ICAD in her art journal is fantastic!

Rachel Mims said...

Thanks for sharing! I saw this earlier today and it instantly made me happier!! I have LOVED using the stickers that you sent to me - and I am 100% aware now when I use stickers/sticky stuff.