Sticky Journals: Guest Artist Chandra Newton

Guest Post:  Chandra Newton

I sent out 6 packets of stickers to 6 different artists and throughout the summer I will share with you what they have created.

Chandra writes,

"When I received the package of stickers I immediately tore into them. The first stickers to catch my eye were very industrial. Some numbers. Some geometric shapes. I envisioned an industrial/graffiti style page. I set to work straightaway. 

I got the background painted, set down a couple of stickers and I hated it. I couldn't see past my perceived mistakes. 
So I put my journal aside and picked up the package of stickers yet again. The first set of stickers to catch my eye were four pink squares stacked atop one another. The first thing I though of was a paint strip. I liked it. So, I laid them on my page in the same manner. Of course they are slightly more askew than they were on the paper backing. But, that's okay. Next, I pulled out a sheet of reinforcement tabs. A theme and color scheme were beginning to take shape at this point. I had to use the pink ones. I decided to lay them from the bottom up, staggering off the page. This reminded me of bubbles rising up from the bottom. 
Thinking of rising bubbles, I grabbed my floral/gear like stamp and some pink ink. I stamped haphazardly across the page. Using my non-dominant hand I drew lines along the edge and bottom, as a sort of border. 
This page is simpler and more pink than anything I normally do, but I like it. Despite its simplicity, it feels complete. It suggests movement and growth. It reminds me that I don't have to be perfect to move forward. It reminds me that (like this opportunity) it's okay to try new things; to step outside of my comfort zone once in awhile.
Chandra Newton

 Thanks so much, Chandra for sharing your lovely journal page with us!

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