Index Card Art

I love these index card artworks I've made.  Linking up to Daisy Yellow's lovely Index Card a Day art challenge.

You will notice that I used one of the stickers that I made from this tutorial on sticker making.

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Deborah Weber said...

Your cards are lovely!

Prairie Jill said...

Great cards! I love the bright colours, and the stickers are very cool.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS. Love those stickers. I love birds and these are fantastic. Really bright and fun cards.

Anonymous said...

1ove your cards! The co1ors are beautifu1!

SAMARA said...

Hi Marcia: I simply LOVE that you LOVE your artwork!!! What a delight to read that, what an affirmation of us as artists to read that rather than how down on ourselves and doubting nilly's we can get! The stickers are very cool. I will go over and see what you are referring to. I love your colors, they are a feast for the eyes. Thanks for that Marcia. A morning blessing for sure! Lovies, Samara

Joyfulploys said...

Your cards are the flowers and stamps on delicate! I'm going read about how you made stickers...thanks!