Art Journaling with Kids

Do you have kids of your own or do you work with kids in a classroom/studio setting?  I combined my passions of art journaling and teaching art to kids to create this 34 page E-book about my experiences teaching mixed media/art journaling techniques to my students.

ananya journal copy
For many years I have been really interested in art journaling and I wanted to write some E-books about ways you can incorporate mixed media and art journaling techniques in the classroom. It is a great way for regular classroom teachers to combine creative writing and art.

Painting with watercolors in an art journal
In the art classroom, keeping a sketchbook or art journal is an excellent enrichment activity for early finishers or for kids to do in their free time. I see art journals as a way to combine preliminary sketches for projects, notetaking and creative expression. I have been dabbling in writing articles about mixed media art, watercolor techniques and my own art journal process. I wrote an E-Zine called Art Journaling with Kids that you can purchase for $6.50. You can download a preview and see more images there.

The activities can be used as stand-alone art projects or in an art journal!

Art Journaling with Kids is a downloadable E-Zine with 34 pages of inspiration!

Included are 5 different tutorials and techniques that you can try in blank sketchbooks OR simply as stand-alone art projects.

Art journals allow children to express themselves through drawing, collage and writing. Perfect for independent activities and enrichment.


1. What is Art Journaling (including a student handout)
2. Choosing a Journal (advice for the teacher)
3. Tutorial #1: Decorating the Cover (fabric collage, name designs, grid layout)
4. Tutorial #2: Water Sprayed Words
5. Tutorial #3: Masking Tape Journal Spots
6. Tutorial #4: Photocopied Leaves
7. Tutorial #5: Watercolor Shapes
8. Art Journal Printable Activities--- 9 pages of Handouts! This section contains printable student handouts that your kids can cut out and paste in their journal OR use as stand-alone arr activities: question response prompts, art questions, magazine hunt, scavenger hunt, and more!

You can download Art Journaling with Kids E-Zine at TPT or at my Etsy.

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